Health & Safety

At Play2Learn the health and safety of our children is paramount.

  • Please make sure that both doors are shut behind you
  • No dogs are allowed on the nursery property
  • No smoking is allowed on nursery property
  • In hot weather parent/carers are responsible for providing sun hats and putting on sun block
  • Buggies and pushchairs must be left at the front of the nursery at your own risk
  • Food and drinks

    Please do not bring any drinks or snacks for your child they will be offered milk or water throughout the session. Also do not let your children come into nursery with food as they will be given a snack whilst they are here and it is unfair on the other children who do not have anything and some children may be allergic to certain foods. We also ask that you do not give your child chewing gum when they come inside the nursery as they could choke whilst they are running around. We offer homemade food at the Play2Learn and the children are encouraged to help prepare their meals and snacks. The menus are planned to be balanced and nutritious and there is always a vegetarian option. Annette has a BA in Hospitality Management and supports the planning of menus and healthy eating habits. Please let us know of your child's preferences or dislikes and we would welcome any support in cooking activities with the children, especially traditional homemade foods that we could add to our menus. If you choose to provide a packed lunch then please ensure it is healthy - refer to the healthy packed lunch leaflet.


    For your child's safety we ask that you do not send them to nursery wearing jewellery as it may get caught whilst they are playing. Especially dangly earrings and necklaces also bracelets can get caught very easily. We cannot take responsibility for any loses.

    Nursery Uniform

    The children will take part in messy activities which we provide aprons for however they can still get quite dirty so please could you dress them in the nursery uniform of black jogging bottoms, white t shirt and green jumper. The nursery encourages children to gain the skills which help them to be independent and look after themselves the elasticated jogging bottoms enable them to do this. As this allows them to take themselves to the toilet as they are easy to take on and off. We also aim to go outside as much as possible so please bring a coat and Wellington boots if it is wet. Please put your child in closed shoes so they can run around without hurting themselves with Velcro grips or buckles so they can put them on themselves.


    When you arrive at the nursery please ring the bell at the front a member of staff will then come and open the door. Please come inside the entrance and sign your child in. This is important for your child's safety. Please help them to find their name and stick it onto the arrival board and to hang their coats and bags up. When you come to pick your child up please ring the bell again a member of staff will open the door and go and collect your child. Please make sure you sign them out. Pushchairs and buggies cannot be left in the nursery as they block the fire exits. You are welcome to leave pushchairs and buggies outside the nursery but we cannot be responsible for them.

    Outdoor Play

    We will encourage your children to go outside everyday as this is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Also they need to get vitamin D to keep them healthy which is only available from the sun through 15 minutes of outdoor play. Therefore please ensure that your child has a coat and appropriate outdoor wear e.g. gloves, hats etc. which will enable them to have outdoor experiences which are fun and teaches them about the world around them.

    Home Time

    A member of staff will open the front door when they hear the buzzer, who will then ask you to sign your child out. Your child's name will be called and then they will be let out one at a time to make sure they are going home with the correct person and so that the hallway does not get too crowded. Please could you make sure that your child's coats, hats and bags are clearly labelled. If someone else is collecting your child please let us know when you drop them off so we can record it. Your child will not be allowed to go home with anybody who is not on your application form (we must see them first) or has not been recorded in the parent's communication book. If you are unable to collect your child please call us to let us know who will be coming in your place, if we do not know them then you will have to provide a password. Please give us this password when you phone so we can then ask the person coming to collect your child. If the passwords match we will allow your child to go home with them.

    Walking to nursery

    Once your child is steady on their feet please could you encourage them to walk to nursery, in this way you will be supporting your child's physical development, their road safety skills and their vocabulary as you can walk and talk on your way. We cover road safety in our curriculum so that the children become aware of how to behave near the roads and by walking to nursery they get to practice this.

    Special needs

    At Play2Learn we support children come into our setting with a range of needs along with this we monitor all our children and should they need extra support such as language development, behaviour or physical ability we are able to. Our Special Educational Needs Co coordinator is Aisha Karim and she works with the Hounslow Early Intervention team to support children. Parents will always be asked if they are happy for us to refer their child to them and our main contact is Christine Baxter.

    Together we help to identify and monitor children who are having difficulties, provide advice and practical strategies and make suggestions on resources and activities so we can include all children. A child may be given and Individual Education Plan (I.E.P) to support them in a particular area this will be discussed with you at a meeting and you will be given copies and suggestions on how you can help.

    As part of the nursery policy to make sure that its provision meets the needs of each individual child, we take account of any special needs which a child may have. The nursery works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act and The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2000).

    Accident & Event sheets

    If your child has an accident or is involved in an incident (event) with another child, you will be asked to sign a form. Your child's key person (sometimes another practitioner) will go through with you what happened and what is recorded on the form. We ask that you sign the form to confirm that we have told you what has taken place.